dinsdag 20 september 2011

Exposition: Triennale Tournai

Two weeks ago we went to triennale in Tournai. Triennale is an exposition about textiles in the contemporary art at five different locations troughout the city.  

zondag 18 september 2011

Try-outs based on the vichy-diamond

Below you can find some experiments using a fabric with the tipical towel vichy-diamond and a square-based silkscreen print. We are still thinking in what kind of application we are going to use this...

exposition: Watou

Sofie went to Watou in Schore last month. Watou is a festival within the context of art and poetry. This year’s edition was inspired by the verb: reminder. Below you can find some snapshots of artistic work she found inspiring.

Prototype lace collar

In this first prototype the "lace" pattern has been cut out of the leather. This prototype gives us the opportunity to think about the finishing of the necklace and to evaluate its fragility.

dinsdag 6 september 2011


These lovely gift-cards and postcards you can send at any occasion. 


This nifty calendar comes with a little bag of stickers. Those stickers contain little drawings that represents certain events, for example a party head or a crown.
If you have an appointment you can apply the sticker most suited on that date.

!!Calendar 2012: available soon with even more different kinds of stickers!!

In this collection we are also going to launch a recipe book. Below you can find a sneak preview...

Inspiration: Collars

1. 2. 3. 

4. 5. 

Collars are the newest accessory in fashion. You start seeing them everywhere on the runway. It’s a nice and simple way to give your outfit just that little bit more. A simple dress or top can immediately look more elegant and have that much more character. It inspired us to make our own -soon to be seen- collection of collars...

1. Vanessa Bruno Athé, 2. Malene Birger (Marie-Claire NL sept 2011) 
3. Antonio Marras (Marie-Claire NL sept 2011), 4. Louis Vuitton, 5. Col Claudine


Let’s start with an introduction…

La Ville is an idea of the sisters Sofie and Jolien De Ville. Together we form a perfect match by completing each other’s qualities. 

Sofie is a textile designer who likes to create her own patterns by applying different techniques. She gets her inspiration from the interaction between the material and its environment or user. Her top qualities are weaving and serigraphs and in addition, she is a master in handling colors.

Jolien has a degree in product design so she learned how to make a functional product while taking in account the economic, technologic en human part of it. She will turn an idea into a concrete feasible product. Inspiration she finds in following trends and watching the needs and wishes of the end-user.

La Ville stands for creating new ideas and bringing them together in new, beautiful products going from interior stuff to accessories and graphic designs. It is important for us to keep authenticity within our products while taking in account the environment. We both hope you’ll enjoy it!